Music Adventures

"The gift of music . . ."

Come experience the joy of making music! Music Adventures is a child-centered, age-appropriate program that allows children to actively participate in the art of making music. A carefully sequenced curriculum introduces children to a wide variety of musical sounds, styles, and tonalities in a fun and engaging class environment. Family Packets contain a wealth of information about the musical content of each class, so parents can continue the music learning at home.
Music Class Schedule:
Fri - 10:15 - 11:00 AM All Ages

Each class includes:

• 45 minutes of music making through songs, stories, movement, and instrument playing
• Variety of quality music from different styles, time periods, and cultures, including music with unusual meters and tonalities
• Child-centered, developmentally appropriate activities sequenced to cultivate each child’s musical potential
• Family Packets containing song information and activities to accompany each class
• Rhythm instruments to continue the music making at home

6 Months - 24 Months

(Parent - Child Classes)

Join in the fun and learn how to play musically with your child! This class features a wide variety of musical activities for parents and children to experience together. Each class includes singing, movement, and instrument playing in a fun and age-appropriate environment where children and parents will learn a wealth of songs, rhymes, and singing games. Parent materials contain songs and activities from each class, and suggest ways to continue the music making at home.

2 - 3 Year Olds

(Parent - Child Class)

Discover the joy in making music! This class contains a collection of new and familiar songs, instrument playing, and musical games. Children are actively involved in creative, musical experiences designed to further their musical development. Rhythm instruments and parent materials are included to promote music making at home.

4 - 5 Year Olds

(Parent Optional Class)

Explore the world of music! Class activities help to support each child’s developing musical potential and independence. Children will acquire a vast repertoire of songs from a variety of different styles and cultures, as they are involved in singing, dancing, and exploring instruments.

6 Months - 48 Months

(Parent - Child Class)

Make music a family event! Children and parents will enjoy a variety of songs, games, and chants in a class environment designed specifically for family music making. Come sing, dance, and play!

3 - 4 Year Olds

Come experience the joy of making Music through Art. This program supports each child's developing music and art potential. Class activities will develop the beginner's singing voice and artistic talents through songs ryhmes, painting, and drawing. Come let your child thrive in this stimulating program.