Creative Arts Adventures

The Rolly Pollies Creative Arts Adventures program is designed to provide our Gymbugs™ with the opportunity to experiment, create, get a little bit messy and have FUN! Modeled on the pre-school format, our self-paced classes utilize Creative Arts as a medium to teach socialization, language development, fine motor skills and cognition. It is the perfect learning environment where emphasis is placed on the process, not the product and the kids are given guidance without guidelines.

At Rolly Pollies, there simply is no “wrong way” to do something. Giving our children an atmosphere where they are free to create and express themselves is what our program is all about.

Kids derive as much value and pride in their ability to manipulate different mediums as they do in their finished product. How our little artists choose to fill up the space on their paper, move that paintbrush, chalk or crayon reflects their own unique style and imagination. Come join us and help foster, encourage and develop that style in a creative, stimulating and fun environment.

"The joy is in the process, not the product . . ."

This educational class allows our new artists to touch, feel, smell, create and explore while participating in a variety of amusing, age-appropriate art experiences focused around a weekly theme. Dinosaurs, holidays, colors and seasons are just a few of the topics we explore and all classes are rounded out with related songs and stories. Come scribble, paint, print, tear, glue (and more!) with us!
45-minute class.
18 Months - 3½ Years Class Schedule
Our emerging artists’ creativity and imagination are explored further as we experiment with many new art mediums and textures. Drawing, painting, molding, print making and stamping are just a few of the methods our Gymbugs™ will use as we expose them to more complex projects. Our relaxed and fun classes stimulate the imagination and give your child the perfect atmosphere to express, create, develop and thrive!
45-minute class.
3½ - 6 Years Class Schedule